Archive: CDROM Oralux (2003 - 2006)

ISO available at this URL

In this page, you will find information about downloading or buying the CD. We also send by postal mail a few CDs each month.

Downloading Oralux 0.7 alpha (495 Mo)

While downloading the image, could you consider to translate a few messages ? Thanks!

Or if you already use GNU/Linux and Alsa, could you please give us info about your configuration to improve the Alsa driver selection?

The original md5sum is useful to check that the downloaded file is the same as the original one. More details about md5sum.

Besides it, if you supply, at boot time, the cheat code "testcd", then most of the files in your Oralux CD will be checked.

Here are the downloading sites, if you may help us to host the Oralux image, please contact us.


via Bittorrent



South Africa

United States

Buying the CD online

Check before buying the CD that you will get the most recent release of Oralux: 0.7 alpha.

The Association has no relation with the following web sellers. This list is given as information.







United States

Getting the CD via postal mail

We might be able to send a few CD each month. To receive the CD by postal mail, contact us, please.

GPL sources

The GPL sources are available on demand. Contact us to pay the virgin CDs and the shipping.